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The New Saab Concept: The PhoeniX! HD

Sleek, innovative and exceptionally efficient: the Saab PhoeniX Concept car showcases design features and technologies which will shape the next generation of cars from Saab. *I do not own these photos or music. These materials are strictly used for non-profit entertainment only* Based on an new architecture which will empower the next Saab 9-3 model, the Saab PhoeniX Concept introduces 'aeromotional' design: a visual evocation of the aerodynamic design principles and passion for innovation that inspired the creators of Saab's first car, the iconic Ursaab. The Saab PhoeniX Concept embraces teardrop, 'liquid metal' forms and a dramatic jet canopy-inspired glasshouse that gives fresh expression to Saab's signature 'wraparound' and translucent ice-block design themes. The clean, muscular shape enables an exceptionally low drag co-efficient of just 0.25 and also explores the potential for airflow management through the use of distinctive, side-mounted 'winglets'. Butterfly opening doors give easy access to a 2+2 cabin that blends simplicity with technology. It has a minimalist, 'stripped out' feel, including a new expression of Saab's driver-focused layout and a world debut for Saab's innovative IQon infotainment and communications system. In true Saab tradition, there is also a surprisingly versatile cargo deck. "The PhoeniX establishes a new reference point for the future of Saab product design," says Jason Castriota, Saab Automobile's Executive Design Director. "It ...

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