Video - Test drive of the new SAAB 9-5 2010

Videos Saab 9-5 Test drive of the new SAAB 9-5 2010

Test drive of the new SAAB 9-5 2010

We were lucky to get a test drive in the new SAAB 9-5 with one of the makers of the beautifull car. the car we drive in is a test car. (the ones with a chess board folio wrapped around it) In this video you will only se the interior, and the inside of the car. the language is in Danish and Swedish. (sorry) time of the shoot was during the Save SAAB tour in Trollhätten before the company was sold to the Dutch automaker Spyker. we promised not to put the video on the internet before the company knew if they were bought or not. Luckely they survived, and with the new 9-3 around the corner, and a smaller model also soon to be released, the company seems stronger than ever.

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