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SAAB [X] 900 SE V6

Saab Story FF 900% Real Talk, Real Time: *********Download Joe, after his wife's Jeep breaks down on their way to a funeral for a friend, starts to drive around in the deceased's Saab 900 SE V6 Convertible. Joe's 15 year-old son, Tyler, is the lead singer of a rock group called Friday Night Delight. Joe's daughter is studying abroad in a small coastal village in South America. Her boyfriend, Miles, is a DJ at the radio station that broadcasts from his nearby Liberal Arts College, and Tyler wants him to play his band's single, which Miles does, on the same Friday night that the previous owner of the Saab takes her own life (inside the car.) Domestic melodrama loosely based on John Carpenter's 'Christine'. OST:



Duration: 9 minutes : 35 seconds
Author: vitradesk
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