Video - Saab - Gripen NG Multi-Role Fighter Combat Simulation [1080p]

Videos Saab Saab - Gripen NG Multi-Role Fighter Combat Simulation [1080p]

Saab - Gripen NG Multi-Role Fighter Combat Simulation [1080p]

Gripen is built to adapt to changing threats and operational requirements that modern air forces face. Based on the proven Gripen C/D platform, the Gripen Next Generation (Gripen NG, also known as Gripen E/F) carry this heritage and continues to be one of the most advanced multi-role fighters in the world - revolutionary because it combines advanced technology and operational effectiveness in an affordable package that no other fighter aircraft can even hope to match. The Gripen NG development program was conceived by Saab back in late 2005 as an important stepping stone towards what is today known as Gripen NG. In this program many new fundamental systems and capabilities for Gripen NG are flight tested and demonstrated as a proof-of-concept as well as for risk mitigation reasons. Saab is changing the way the world perceives fighters Gripen Next Generation (NG) is a fully NATO-interoperable, true multi-role fighter with outstanding availability, tailored for the future Network Centric Warfare (NCW) environment. Gripen NG will meet the demanding operational requirements of the 21st century air forces and its unrivalled multi-role capability provides excellent tactical flexibility. Gripen NG offers operational dominance and flexibility with superior mission survivability. Air-to-air superiority is guaranteed with METEOR, AMRAAM, IRIS-T, AIM-9 missile capability and supercruise. Air-to-surface capability is assured through the use of the latest generation precision weapons ...



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