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Saab 9000 Turbo Ad Sauna (Finland)

A Finnish ad for SAAB 9000 from 1987. Translation: (packing their stuff in to the Saab) "Hi! Haven't seen you for a long time!" "Hi, it's nice to get going together again!" (while driving) "It's like sitting on your own couch at home." "It is, but you can't drive to Lappland with your couch *laughs*" "That's true *laughs*" (when arriving to the sauna cottage) "Cottage is still there, where we last time left it" (when in sauna) "*gabble*" "Saab... it keeps man on the road." "*laughs*" "*gabble*" (when cooling off outside and doors slams closed) "DOOR!" (waving to the others to get in to the car) "Quickly!" (in the car) "And then what?" "*laughs*" Text: Saab. Made in Finland. For Finnish people. Saab Automobile

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