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Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996

In October of 1996, Saab Automobile brought over 6 randomly selected standard production 1997MY Saab 900 models to the Talladega International Speedway to test their endurance on the track over the course of a 8 days. The 6 Saab 900 vehicles included naturally aspirated, turbo'd and V6 equipped vehicles. Journalists from all over the world were invited to participate including notables such as legendary SAAB rally personality, Simo Lamipinen of Finland and of course Erik Carlsson. This event was titled the "Talladega Challenge" and was the 10-year anniversary of the first time Saab came to Talladega Speedway back in October of 1986 with a series of standard production 9000s known as the "Long Run". Here is the detailed video that captures this event. Enjoy!

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