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Saab 9-5 Video

PLEASE READ! This is a Saab 9-5 compilation I made with videos I found on youtube, which was really hard, since there's barely any Saab videos online, but I managed with a few clips I found. I love European cars, like Saab, which results in me making videos of them, and hopefully other car makes. I love to edit stuff as you can see and I would love feedback for this video and all my other videos that I have made. Also, if you have videos of your Saab, or other European make, PM me if you want me to put them in my next video (s). Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy it! All Rights Reserved to the rightful owners of these clips and music. I do not own any of these clips The music is by FatBoy Slim, and the title of the song is Right Here, Right Now

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