Video - Saab 9-5 breaking 3rd gear @ 150kmh

Videos Saab 9-5 Saab 9-5 breaking 3rd gear @ 150kmh

Saab 9-5 breaking 3rd gear @ 150kmh

This was a first time this car was on any track and this event was 1000m acceleration (0,62miles) 1st and 2nd gear with half gas and still I got a lot of wheelspin at the end of 2nd gear. The pedal was floored at 3rd gear, but when boost got up to 1,6bar (23psi) the teeth of the 3rd cogwheel came off. Boost was limited to 1,1bar below 5500rpm and that's why it took a very long time to get from 160 to 210 kmh with 4rd gear. Three weeks after this event, with another gearbox, car performed well at one mile race. At 1st round I did 299kmh at finish line and at 2nd round the speed was 305kmh (190mph) at finish line. Here is another video from that 1st start that my friend filmed and posted here. Then again another three weeks from that, the car had a major engine fairlure and here is video from that event

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