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LEGO Technic SAAB JA-37 Viggen SAAB JA-37 Jaktviggen Length: 76cm Width: 48.5cm Height: 28cm Weight: 1704g Scale 1:21 1x Rechargeable battery 1x PF M Motor 2x PF Extension wire 2x PF Lights 1x Red Lightbrick 4x mLA 40x Panel fairing 4x Competition cannon Functions: Motorised- Retractable landing gear by means of 3 mini Linear Actuators Foldable vertical stabilizer by means of 1 mini Linear Actuator Retractable air brakes at the bottom of the fuselage Opening canopy Spring operated- Pilot's ejection seat 4 rockets Manually operated- Gearbox changing between 4 motorised functions Landing flaps Elevons Rudder Mechanism for detaching of the fuel tank Thrust reverser Opening side doors with ram air turbine Working propeller of the turbine Opening side doors revealing weapon control panel Pendulous wheels on the main landing gears Lights- Landing light at the front Red light at the top of the fuselage Green and red lights on the edges of the wings Red light in the nozzle Other- Climbing ladder for pilot Radar antenna in the nose cone Detailed cockpit with joystick Detailed nozzle of the engine Green training version of the rockets Lights on the sides of air intakes for night flying in formation The Technic fig can fit to the cockpit if the seat is not here

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