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I-90 Beginning To End, East To

One shot time-lapse video of the entire length of Interstate 90, the longest highway in the United States Interstate system. Shot over four days in late August, 2011 (departed Boston Logan area 7:35PM EDT Sunday, August 21, arriving Safeco Field, Seattle, 3:48PM PDT Thursday, August 25) Distance: 3099.07 miles (4987.46 km) Approximate driving time: 59 hours, 22 minutes Ride: 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero, 5sp, new Kuhmo tires, about-to-fail A/C compressor Average MPG: 30.1 Average cost per gallon (premium): $3.921 Gallons consumed: 179.3 Quarts 0W30 Mobile 1 consumed: 3 Total tolls: Almost $40, we got so angry at having to pay so many we stopped counting... Camera: Canon PowerShot A470, paid $28 on eBay Mount: sturdy suction mount, found cheap on eBay SD card: 4GB Software: CHDK running ultra intervalometer script Timing: One shot every ten seconds, no flash LCD: disabled by inserting headphone jack splitter in A/V output jack Resolution: 640x480, low resolution (I think 300dpi, but not sure) Batteries: 8x Duracell Lithium AA, in pairs, lasted about 8.5 hours/pair When those ran out, we burned through 14 pairs of standard Duracell AA alkalines, only good for 1.5-2 hours/pair (Yes, we know there's an AC power supply available, but we didn't have time to source it and an AC/DC power inverter in time, definitely...) Editing: Final Cut Pro, on a Mac, thanks very much to my good friend Ben Dobyns for the hook up! Soundtrack: some random audio suggestion YouTube gave me when I ...

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