Video - Gulzar Saab - 50 Years Of Glory - The Journey Of Songs.!!!!!!

Videos Saab Gulzar Saab - 50 Years Of Glory - The Journey Of Songs.!!!!!!

Gulzar Saab - 50 Years Of Glory - The Journey Of Songs.!!!!!!

Friends I have spends many sleepless nights to make this video, here you will find some songs lines written by gulzar saab in his 50 years career in older to new...its impossible to show all things of gulzar saab in just 1 hour..but i tried my best. for some information about gulzar starting career yu can visit ( is a little biography about gulzar:- Gulzar, is a poet above all things. His style marks a sensitivity that is best reflected through his writing and treatment of films. He is one of those sensitive people whose work is laced with the lyrical but psychologically adept examination of human sensibilities. Gulzar was born on August 18, 1936 in a small town of Deena (now in Pakistan). An eager participant in antakshari and keen learner of shairis, he was inclined towards literature and poetry right from his school days. Gulzar also used to listen to a lot of Hindustani music, especially stringed instruments, which would be practised in his neighbours' homes. He became even deeply engrossed in music when he started going to college, and would regularly attend concerts of artists like Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan. Gulzar and his family were one of the many to have suffered the pangs of partition. The family moved to Amritsar (India) but Gulzar, to fullfill his dreams, came to Bombay. In order to earn his daily bread, Gulzar started to work as a garage mechanic in Worli while writing poetry in his spare time. Gulzar, as any other dreamer ...

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