Video - eg33 swap - Comparing Saab radiator to Griffin

Videos Saab eg33 swap - Comparing Saab radiator to Griffin

eg33 swap - Comparing Saab radiator to Griffin

This is just a quick comparison of the classic Saab 900 Turbo radiator to the Griffin radiator using mock up foam. Specs on Saab 900 turbo radiator, thanks to procainestart from GRM. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Overall length, 26 3/8 in. Height, excluding mounting brackets: 13 9/16 in. Height, including mounting brackets: 15 3/4 in. Core thickness, at widest point (end tanks): 2 in. Core thickness, thinnest point: 1 7/16 in. Overall thickness, including hose connectors: 3 13/16 in. Hose connector ID: 1 1/16 in. Measurements taken from an OE radiator, p/n 7549298, which is the Turbo model (presumably has a wider core than NA model). Note that some aftermarket radiators may be slightly different. Also note that earlier 900 radiators were brass, much heavier, and may also be slightly different dimensionally. Not sure when they went to plastic/aluminum; my 86 had brass and my 89 has plastic, so somewhere in between, I guess... The mounting tabs are all aluminum and may be easily cut off, if necessary. If you are looking for one from a junkyard, if the donor's coolant is blue instead of green, then there's a chance that the car was well-maintained and the radiator in better shape. OE Saab coolant is blue, and spendier than standard green stuff. It would have been used by dealers (duh) and conscientious indy mechanics. Finally, do not overtighten the drain, which can crack the end tank, leaving you with a slow leak (ask ...

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