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1974 Saab Sonnett SCCA/Vintage Racer For Sale

Affordable, competitive Race, Ralley or high performance Street car SCCA Logbooks and History. Lightweight, Proven Winning Car Color: Red-Orange Engine: Race Prepared - Pro Rebuilt Trans: 4spd Options: Roll Cage - SCCA approved Condition: Near Turn Key Description & History from Long-term Owner: `This car was built by a famous US Saab hobby racer named Randy Cook. He raced it at Road Atlanta and other tracks in the SCCA vintage events known by such titles as the Walter Mitty challenge. The car has a very strong winning record which is in the log book. Just before we decided to sell the car, we had the engine redone. It is a stock 1600 cc V4 that has been beefed up for competition. Documented included. Now, due to the timing of the engine work and selling the car, the engine has virtually no miles on it. The car is very fast and the only reason it`s never been over 130 mph is that it doesn`t have a front chin spoiler and at above 130 mph the front end lifts. Being front wheel drive, that lift doesn`t work very well. We did not add a spoiler-but woud be the way to go. Also, due to having been driven in competition in the 1970`s, the car never had a fuel cell. If someone wants to race the car now in anything other than touring events, it would need a fuel cell added. When racing, I could stay right with the Porsche 911s through the turns, but on tracks with long straights, they would usually have the power to pass me. The car is extremely lightweight and handles beautifully ...




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