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Videos Saab 9-1

This video is made for Ranbir my love who betrayed me after 9 years. It is a sad punjabi love songs video based on true love story 1st song is By AMRIT SAAB FROM GABROO THE BOSS PYAR PYAAR, 2nd song is from YARAAN NAAL BAHARAAN MOVIE LE MEIN TERI HUN HO GAYI AA SOHNIYA female girl and male voice. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel, additional parts available as well.

Ranbir, Singh, Lasara, Kalotia, Sad, Bewafaa, Betrayal, Ishq, Painful, Love, Pyar, Pyaar, Dukh, Dukhi, Tokha, Dhokha, Bhangra, Romantic, Broken, Heartbreak, Dil, Heart, World, World's, Most, Makes, You, Cry, Gives, Tears, Tear, Female, Girl, Voice, True,



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