Vehicle Saab 96

Model Saab 96
Owner Ntwadumella
Year 1965 (52 years old)
Engine gasoline
In-Line 3-cylinder, 850 ccm (52 cui)
Transmission Manual 3-speed

As seen in the photo - it is a polar white 96 2 stroke built in 1965. This is currently being rebuilt (albeit very slowly) and the V4 is being used as a donor for some of the front end rebuild, namely the suspension tower and the bulk-head. Hence many parts will be left over and it would be a shame to dump them.

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SAAB 96 RESTORATION PROJECT 13 2 years This vehicle already went through a major rebuild in 1985 and brought many years of joyful motoring....

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SAAB 96 1965 2-Stroke

A lot of restoration work to be done.

Mnoho restaurátorských prací je třeba udělat

A lán oibre ath-chóiriú le déanamh

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