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2009-11-17 05:19:24

Hi All My Friends,

X'mas time is coming, I think it's a good time to contribute something special to the Saab community. So I decided to make some Saab related artworks with X'mas & New Year theme. I've finished some X'mas wallpapers & e-cards, I would like to share them with you, they are ready for download. You can find them in the "Saab Art" page of my website. I hope you'll enjoy having them! Do send this link to other Saab lovers if you think they'll also be interested.

Thanks for watching!!

X'mas wallpapers & e-cards download page:

My site:

2009-12-17 06:06:53

hi My Friends,

I've received some X'mas e-cards from friends including Saab lovers, some even sent me the Saab e-cards that I created. I feel very happy because I know that I will receive less paper X'mas cards this year & the coming years! Less paper X'mas cards = less trees being cut = environment being saved... Thanks for your support for a better environment by sending e-cards!


Saab X'mas e-cards download: