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2009-09-21 19:46:03

Hi! I'm from Hong Kong. Although I'm not a SAAB car owner, SAAB is always one of my favourite brand. I fell in love with SAAB when I first saw a shiny black 99 TURBO in England back to 1970s. At that time, I was just a teenager & had no knowledge about SAAB but I started to ask & find out more about them... Today, I'm already an "old guy" & I'm still not knowledgeable about SAAB, but I still love them as I first met the 99 TURBO 30 years ago! I've not enough luck to own any vintage SAAB model since they are not common in Hong Kong... Lately, I've been making some wallpaper on vintage cars, I've finished some on old SAAB like 99, 900, 9000, Sonett & there are more to come... I would like to share them with you, you can find them in the "Downloads" page of my website:

I know some people hates these old Saabs & think they are ugly but to me they are beauties...

Please feel free to download if you're interested. Enjoy!




2009-10-23 05:39:50

Hi Saab Lovers,

I've developed a new page on Saab Wallpapers with a few more wallpapers added, do have a look if you feel interested!

New Page:

My Site:

Thanks for watching!