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Start and stalls. Then starts again. Then stalls..

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1990 900 Classic Convertible

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Fuel gasoline. 3-speed Automatic transmission.

2017-05-24 00:08:56

Hello all,

I'm on my 3rd SAAB now, and have an issue that I can't resolve. I thought one of you may have some clues as to where to look. Here's the situation. Car is 1990 900 turbo 16V. Engine starts and idles perfectly. Will take gaz from pedal OK. This works for about 30 secs. The car starts to putter and will die down. I turn ignition off, wait 3 seconds, restart and all goes well for another 30 sec. Turn ignition off, wait 3 secs and starts again no problem. I can do this 20 times. Seems to me like some kind of relay to fuel delivery needs to be 'reset' overtime I turn ignition back on. Any clues as to what this may be? All input welcome. Car is obviously undrivable. Thanks!