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My 2000 9-5 and a few troubles

Forum Tech corner My 2000 9-5 and a few troubles

2007-05-10 08:31:35

My saab has just hit 150k miles ( it looks great and was running very well) though lately I have been having a few problems, one of them being that in the morning when i start my car start driving and shift to second gear, the car will shake a lot like I didn't give it any gas just clutch ( i do give it gas) and then it is usually fine for the rest of the day. isn't really much of a problem, just really shakes me out of my drowsiness in the morning haha.

Anyway my second problem is the much more annoying one I don't notice it until we have a hot day like today, but in very hot weather my car runs very badly, I will start into first and it will have the RPM at like 1500 going into it, then drop to like 900 RPM then rocket up to 2500 ( aprox) rpm then i will shift and it will do the same them, drop the rpm real low, then shudder up to speed. basically the car runs like crap in very hot weather, when the day starts to cool down the car starts to run better and better until its back to normal.

Now i took it to the dealership with these problems and they gave it the 150k check up replaces plugs and such, and for the first day i got it back it ran GREAT and I mean good as new, no shudder when i started in the morning no volatile power in the weather, and as time went on the problems started coming back. haha anyway, if anyone is having any problems similar to these or has heard of these and knows maybe a way i can suggest to the dealership to check for that would be great, but I got the impression that the 150k checkup they checked EVERYTHING and sorta curious to how they did not find any problems. Anyway thanks in advance!