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2001 9-3 II Convertible 2.0 (121 cui)

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Fuel gasoline. 3-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 1 985 ccm (121 cui), B205R.

2013-09-12 21:28:47

Hi there,

the soft top of my 9-3 Convertible 2001 cannot open/close anymore. As per the garage I need 6 new hoses (SAB 10-48565xx) for the hydraulic system. Though there is apparently no possibility to find new parts in HK or Sweden as they are obviously discontinued.

Does anyone has an idea how to deal with such an issue, to whom I should ask for help?



2014-12-26 12:05:13

I believe you don't need 6 new line's. You will need either 1 of the 2 Hydrolic rams replaced. Mine popped a seal and needs replacing. YouTube has a good video on how to DIY this. So each side has two rams.