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2008-07-28 20:33:41

I have a 2003 9-5 Linear. The turbo-charger was replaced at 50k. My car now has 80k. Recently, I went in for routine maintenance, and my local Saab dealership advised me that I needed a new oil pressure switch, because oil was apparently leaking from that area. I had seen no evidence of any leak before. As well, my dealership advised me that there was a very small amount of oil squeezing out around the head. In that regard, I was told the head might have to be replaced in a year. A day after I returned from the dealership, the car began leaking plate-sized pools of oil in my driveway. Every morning for one week a new slick was created. Also, a small plume of smoke appeared every time I started the car. I don't know much about cars, but I know that's a bad sign. Anyway, I brought the car back to the dealership. At that time, I was told the oil pressure switch is okay, but I have to replace my turbo-charger and head ASAP. So, I would be grateful if any of you could answer the following: 1) does a turbo-charger on a 9-5 typically last only 30k? 2) Do heads typically have to be replaced at 80k? 3) Is there something the dealer might have done to cause the acceleration of the breakdown in the head and turbo-charger? 4) Does it sound like I am being duped? Thank you in advance for your input.