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97 x Troubles, am I the only one???

Forum General talking 97 x Troubles, am I the only one???

2007-10-25 19:26:46

I am wondering if anyone is having troubles with their Saab 97 x. They can be big or small, I would like any feed back. My biggest problem that has gone un-fixed for 8 months now is the back hatch. The license plate holder on the hatch has been leaking glue. My dealership wants me to take it in every week to clean it off. I don't know about you but I just don't have the time to get it in there every week. Now the back hatch is stained where the glue was and they have scratched the hatch from rubbing to get this tacky glue off, which is never totally clean anyhow. My other, less irritating problems are as follows; temperature gage not correct for days at a time, center console makes loud squeaky noises while driving, buttons for memory and heated seats have to be pressed several time before they actually turn on, the automatic window feature doesn’t operate constantly when rolling up. I know these are all small problems, but add them up with a dealership that doesn't know much about Saab's (they bought Saab in Oct 2006), then you might understand why I am so frustrated. I should also let you know, with in two months of having my SUV, it was in the shop for the abs light, and anti-freeze leak. Thank you in advance for your time. Any comments are greatly appreciated.