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900 NG Window regulator roller replacement

Forum Saab 900 NG 900 NG Window regulator roller replacement

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2017-03-22 12:38:31

Saab Window Regulator Roller Replacement (9-5, 9-3, 900 & Volvo 850, S70, V70) - FCP Euro  |  More info

► Does your 9-5, 9-3 or 900 have issues rolling the window up and down? It's not an uncommon problem for a Volvo 850, S70 or V70 either. Although the trim and door panels are different, the mechanical repair is virtually the same.

So today, Alex Frank is here to walk you through all the steps to replace the damaged rollers with shiny new ones on his own Saab 9-5 Arc.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

Saab Volvo Window Regulator Roller (900 9-3 9-5 850 S70 V70) - URO Parts 4493433)

Volvo Window Regulator Sliding Pivot Front - Genuine Volvo 3509416OE

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Volvo Parts Online at FCP Euro

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