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9.3 tid (120ps, 8v) mystery

Forum Tech corner 9.3 tid (120ps, 8v) mystery

2010-03-11 11:18:49

Dear fellow Saab drivers.

The following issue prevents my garage from finishing repairment after a distribution belt break (Z19DT engine) 9 weeks ago.

They need to know which sensor or transmitter (pref. partnumber) should be placed in the 12 mm hole in the cylinder next to the thermostate housing. The sensor or transmitter should be screwed in and connected with a 6 pin connector.

Excuse the vague description but it's all i get from the garagist as well.

Saab manuals do not seem to mention the part, Vauxhall (same engine) knows nothing, our local (dutch) Saab forum is unable to help me out (at least for now). I'm starting to get worried.

Thanks a lot for any help.


2010-03-17 23:20:42

Solved through help of the Dutch Saab Forum.

There's no part or cap. The hole is normal. Can you believe that.