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2003 Saab 9-3 Adding AUX Input

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2016-01-18 08:23:23

How to Add an AUX Input to a Saab 9-3  |  More info

This video shows how to add an AUX input jack to a 2003 or newer Saab 9-3. Before doing this you might want to look in your center armrest and see if there's one there already. I had one, I just didn't know it. Oh well... I like the location of this one better anyway. My car is a 2006. I don't know what year Saab started adding the AUX input in the armrest, but some of the earlier cars didn't have them.

Anyway, now I have TWO AUX inputs!

If your car is a 2003 through 2005, go here to see how to connect the wires directly to the pins on the back of the stereo:

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