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1995 900 - Mud Flap Under Car?

Forum Tech corner 1995 900 - Mud Flap Under Car?

2009-08-17 19:50:38

I recently purchased a 1995 900 5-door, and there is what looks like a small mud flap bolted on the bottom of the car under the driver seat. It looks like the passenger side one is missing...

Is this a factory thing, and if so what specific part of the undercarriage is it there to protect?


2009-10-15 19:36:38

it is an aerodynamic enhancement to move the water away from the rear wheels. and it works.

2009-10-15 21:18:12

Thanks! That makes sense now. Wonder why they didn't catch on with some other cars?

The roads must be a lot smoother in Sweden because it keeps bottoming out on curbs, driveways and speed-bumps here. I've removed it (since the passenger side one was gone anyways) and I don't do any real highway driving with it anyways.

Thanks again for the reply.