12:51:20 Garytao Hi, looking for a saab 9-5 2011 service manual
23:08:09 Sliver HI everyone. I've got a saab 900 se turbo 1997 model. Is the fan that blows on the turbo surposed to run continously once you switch ignition on until you switch off.
17:46:46 cmokica if you please help me how to get repair manuals for saab 2.2 tid 93 year 2004
17:13:53 Erykahblue Need advice on why my 1998 Saab 9.3 hatchback is fumie while driving. I have changed the oil and filter it is not as bad but still smell the fumes in car. Want to take in to shop to get fixed but need some idea on why its happening....
04:26:30 jamesb i had this happen with my old Saab 900. it was just a plugged exhaust port on the number one cylinder. at first i was told it would be $3500 to fix. the better mechanic fixed it for bout $125!
04:22:42 jamesb what year is your car with smoke coming out of it?
20:26:44 mkmelichar Heat bypass valve: which hose is which????
08:15:24 sorius zdravo ima li kdo DI cassete za saab 9000?HELLO ANYBODY SELLING DI ignition cassete for sab 9000? please help
11:19:07 peeryje I downloaded saab 93 wis and it won't install. Can anyone help?
14:58:26 MartinJ
20:28:49 MartinJ ums73:. I have got the same feeling.
14:32:24 Valdelis I have a big problem with my saab 9-5 and maybe you can help me? :)))
14:31:45 Valdelis hello :)
09:34:45 Nicki Podrobne informace jsou na Saabinfo net ve foru
01:39:28 thegentleman fast but good for fuel. Any tuning advices just ask. See ya.
01:38:41 thegentleman check max.torque and try to use the revs around
01:37:36 thegentleman engine go to BSR website and choose Yr model, than click on power chart and look how high U can safely go.
01:36:30 thegentleman don`t rev over your max.power rev. counter to check 4 Ur
01:34:45 thegentleman remember:oil-fully syntetic, 5W40 or better every 5-6k miles
01:33:34 thegentleman limmerb: don`t worry BSR upgrades are always safe 4 Saab.
14:47:52 Nautijaur saab 95 300hp XWD :) Aero great one
23:18:31 thegentleman Hello, please help to vote on Saab Club Poland
04:21:08 limmerbr if anyone has an idea, please respond
04:20:28 limmerbr i have a 2006 saab 9-3 aero, is the bsr stage 1 upgrade worth it. does it put any strain on motor or turbo? does it diminish longevity of the vehicle
16:56:55 bdlindberg I was going over my newly acquired 2005 9-3 when I got home yesterday. I noticed that there was two cracks in the spare tire well. Is this normal
17:57:17 Nautijaur hello my friends ...